Scholarships & Financial Aid

ATSS STUDENTS have an opportunity to receive an award from a variety of scholarship programs.

An Explanation of the Different Types of Awards:

  • Bursary: A bursary is a non-repayable monetary award based on financial need and reasonable academic standing as determined by the donor.
  • Loan: A loan is a repayable monetary award based on financial need.
  • Scholarship: A scholarship is a monetary award based on academic merit or excellence in an area to which the award pertains.
  • Entrance Scholarship: An entrance scholarship is a scholarship available to students who are proceeding from Grade 12 to studies in a particular post-secondary institution.
  • Admission Scholarship: An admission scholarship is a scholarship which is automatically awarded based on the student’s application for admission to the institution.

Scholarship Programs

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  • The best chance at $$$ will come from the Abbotsford Foundation Community Scholarship and Bursary Program. Details are available in February of each year.
  • Go here to view the ACF Student Awards Directory and application (Complete Online).
  • Your application needs to be in the following order attached by a paperclip.
  • 1) Awards Checklist (Choose a MAXIMUM of 10 Awards).
  • 2) Application Form (Complete online and before you print).
  • 3) Reference Letter.
  • 4) Any other documentation or application.
  • 5) Transcript.

The deadline for submission to Mr. A is usually in March.  If you need help please ask.


Provincial Scholarship Programs

For more information click on the links below or go here for information on  eligibility requirements and how to redeem a won award.

Scholarship Amount Application Required Vouchers Mailed
BC Achievement $1,250 No October
District/Authority $1,250 Yes, through school/district October
BC Excellence $5,000 Yes. September
Pathway to Teacher Education $5,000 Yes. September


District/Authority Scholarships

The District/Authority Scholarships reward graduating students for excellence in their chosen field of interest or strength. These scholarships are intended to assist with tuition for post-secondary education.

The Ministry will allocate 5500 scholarships pro-rated to school districts and independent school authorities based on each district’s September 30th Grade 12 enrolment. The scholarship is a $1250 voucher that can be used toward post-secondary education tuition. Go here to learn how redeem your scholarship.

  • This is a 100 Hour Project in either Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Creative Writing, Indigenous Languages and Culture (New), International Languages, Community Service, Physical Education, or Technical and Trades Training.
  • Tuition vouchers will be mailed to the home address in late September  or Early October.
  • Tuition vouchers can be redeemed at many post-secondary institutions world-wide.  Students can visit here to check if the school they want to attend is designated.
  • Students have 5 years to redeem scholarship vouchers. The expiry date is on the voucher.
  • For the Log Sheet go here.
  • Please read the detailed information sheet here.
  • To apply online go here.
  • Deadline to apply is October 31.
  • Adjudication date is in April every year.
  • For more information see Mr. Abernethy or to read more from the Ministry of Education go here.


Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal

  • Go here for the details.
  • Go here for more information.


University Entrance Scholarships

Other Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships Open to Grades 10, 11, or 12

House of Commons Page Program

  • Salary of $12, 436 coordinated with your university schedule.
    To view website go here.
    Application deadline is in December.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC
High School Summer Research Program for Grade 11 Students
Click below to download program details and application.
Deadline for Application is April