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The easiest way to apply to BC Universities and Colleges is through the Education Planner Tool. You can save time by using this one application to apply to all the BC Universities and Colleges of your choice.

Post-Secondary Planning Information

Post Secondary BC Site – Start Here
Education Planner – Homepage
Education Planner – Find Your Program
Admission Averages (GPA) – Maclean’s Report
Maclean’s University Rankings
Grad Planner Booklet
 (BC Ministry of Education)
BC Dogwood Planner (Companion Document to Grad Planner)
BC Transfer Guide (Transfer Credit between Universities)
What Can I Do With A Degree In …
What Can I Do With A Major In …
Free University Reviews Magazine
KNOW BEFORE YOU GO – Click on Image

Transcripts & Post-Secondary Institutions Selections (PSI) Form
The Post Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections process has changed and is now available online for students graduating this year and who are attending a Post-Secondary Institution in the fall. You first of all must create a BCeID Account. Completion of this form allows the Ministry of Education to release the student’s marks to identified Post-Secondary Institutions chosen by the student.

To Create your BCeID account and to log in to the Student Transcript Service (STS).

Concurrent Studies at UFV (Take a UFV Course in High School and get Dual Credit)

Students who are currently in high school who are interested in taking a university level course at the same time would need to apply for Concurrent Studies. With Concurrent Studies, they must:

  • fill out a UFV application form
  • the concurrent studies request form that is also signed by their parent/guardian
  • provide a letter of support written by their high school
  • provide the most recent copy of their transcript showing the courses they have completed, as well as the courses they are currently registered in.

Once UFV receives the request, they will check to ensure that the student meets the prerequisites for the course as well as there is space available in the course. If those requirements are met, they then send the request to the course instructor and the department head as we need approval from both. If we receive approval, then the student is given a registration time. For Concurrent Studies, they do register at the end of our regular registration period and space in the class requested is not reserved for them. Contact Julie Laursen Admissions Coordinator Local: 4540. Deadline for application is Dec 1.

Concurrent Studies Links:
More Information
UFV Timetable (Shows Space Availability in Courses)

Important considerations if you are planning to attend college or university in the next year:

  • What program do I want to take?
  • Do I have the necessary academic prerequisites and admission requirements?
  • What colleges or universities offer the program I am interested in applying for?
  • It is wise to apply to at least 3 different post secondary institutions.
  • The earlier you apply the earlier you will be able to register for the courses you need. Many students are finding that courses are full when they go to register and this becomes very distressing to them when they can only enroll in 3 courses and are put on waiting lists. Apply early, know the application deadline.
  • Most BC colleges and universities require that students apply on-line. In order to apply on-line you will need to know your PEN # (Provincial Education Number) (available from your Counsellor), the program and or faculty you wish to enroll in and have access to a credit card number and expiry date. You can apply on-line with your counsellor if you are unsure of the process or of the questions being asked.
  • At the end of your on-line application process you will get a student number and a confirmation that they have received your application and payment. Please be sure to make a hardcopy of that information.
  • Post Secondary institutions will often direct the student to have the school send in a transcript with grades of courses completed and courses that you are enrolled in. The post secondary institutions use the transcripts to check that you are enrolled in all the necessary prerequisite courses and in some cases to give early admission based on outstanding grades. See the above details on how to request a transcript of grades. Go here for transcript FAQ’s. You will also need to, from time to time, check the status of your application and make sure that the post secondary institution has received and processed things that they have requested. This is usually done via the internet or e-mail. NEW: You can self-report your grades on many post secondary websites.
  • Most post secondary institutions provide Viewbooks, which outline the programs they offer and prerequisites for those programs, explain the application process and discuss housing etc.
  • BC Post Secondary Admissions: If attending in the year after your grade 12 graduation check for admission requirements and important dates.
  • Post-Secondary Institution Choices Forms (PSI). These forms assist students applying to post secondary institutions by sending a copy of their transcript to post secondary institutions indicated on the form in late July, after all government exams are marked and graduation has been achieved. The counsellor will see all grade 12 students in March to fill these PSI forms out online.

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