School Based Team




What is a School-Based Team?

A School-Based Team is a school based, resolution finding group that provides a forum for dialogue on the specific needs of students, by Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and other professionals. Through the process of regularly scheduled meetings, classroom teachers are assisted with the development and implementation of instructional and/or management strategies for any students who require additional support.

What does the School-Based Team do?
Plans and co-ordinates services for students within the school.
Provides a format for parents to be formally involved in decision-making.
Brings together people with different perspectives and skills to meet student needs.
Monitors student performance and provides continuity of services.
Provides opportunities to share teaching / intervention strategies, management techniques and evaluation ideas.
Provides access to additional district, community and provincial services.
Implements preventive programs and evaluates existing programs.
Allows for referrals to school and District Staff to be prioritized.
Keeps detailed records of meetings.
Develops a plan of action and assigns members to the students working team.
Sets follow-up date(s) for the working team and support staff to report on student progress.

Who Makes up a School-Based Team?

Teacher Representatives, Administrative Officer(s), School Based Resource
Teacher(s), Counsellor(s), Secondary Behaviour Resource Teacher, Additional Members may include: Student Support Worker(s), First Nations Student Support Worker(s), TeacherLibrarian(s)

Suggested School-Based Team Meeting Procedures
Step 1. Introductions
Step 2. Reason for Referral. (can come from parents, teachers, counsellor or A.O.)
Step 3. Background History.
Step 4. Brainstorm Ideas; List strategies and procedures; List people who need to be involved.
Step 5. Timelines – If needed set up follow-up date for reviewing the plan by the School-Based Team.