Learning Support

Student Success Handouts (UFV Study Tips and Help for Test Anxiety)

Learning Styles Quizzes
Find out about the many types of intelligence and your preferred learning style on this Government of Canada site.

How to Study
This site has articles on areas such as language arts, math, taking notes, remembering, studying and taking tests.

Study Guides and Strategies
You’ll find lots of ideas here, including tips on time management, improving concentration, research and taking tests.

Study and Exam Skills
This site from the University of Calgary has an online exam skills workbook, an exam anxiety reduction program, multiple choice exam practice and lots of tips and strategies, including the seven habits of highly effective students.

Study Toolkits
UBC’s Learning Commons has a series of study toolkits, including tips on problem based learning for science students, making presentations, online groupwork and exam preparation.


Fee for Service Tutoring Services

If you would like your services to be added, removed or updated, please contact the school Counsellor at 604-850-7029.

The private tutors or tutoring agencies listed here does not in itself constitute an endorsement of their quality, reliability or availability of such services.  Parents and students must enquire and evaluate for themselves.  Please phone the individual or agency directly for the cost of the service.

Private Tutors

Private Tutoring Agencies

Online Tutoring Services

To access the following free services you must create an account by clicking on the icons below.

Skooli – offers one month free trial and has tutors for most subject areas.

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LearnNowBC (LNBC) has an updated Tutoring offering that is aligned with the new Math curriculum. Students will be able to benefit from this as well as teachers, who can use these resources in their classrooms.

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 Live Tutors are real, live people here in BC ready to answer your questions and help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject material.

  • available Sun-Thu, 6-10pm
  • 1-on-1 with a real person
  • expert tutors
  • 20 minute sessions

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Success Checker

  • available 24/7
  • self assessments
  • personalized study guides
  • totally & completely free of charge

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ChargedUP for Math, Science & English

  • available 24/7
  • complete streaming video courses
  • presented by BC teachers
  • totally & completely free of charge


English Language Learning Live Tutors

  • available Sun-Thu, 6-10pm
  • 1-on-1 with a real person
  • expert tutors
  • 20 minute sessions

International Students
Welcome to all of our International Students. Please see Mrs. Hiebert or Mrs. Kim if you need help in any way. Please take a look at these helpful sites: