Under section 12 and 13 of the school act, parents who wish to educate their own children must register at a nearby school and file a form to complete their legal obligation prior to Sept 30. These students are effectively not participating in the services provided by the school. However, schools do have an obligation to provide materials to the parents if requested. Please note:

  • Parents seeking to homeschool their children must:
  • Register at a public or independent school;
  • Deliver instruction at home
  • Exercise complete independence and control over their children’s’ education;
  • May use any learning resource of their choice;
  • Are not obligated to follow provincially prescribed curriculum;
  • Do not receive provincial credit for course work, and are not eligible to receive a grade 12 Dogwood graduate diploma.
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  • You may wish to further examine the difference between Distributed Learning (DL) and Homeschooling at our AVS website at