Grad Transitions

All ATSS students receive their Graduation Transitions Plan in Grade 12 and work on it in homeroom.  There are 3 requirements: i) 150 minutes of “daily physical activity” per week in all 3 years of the “Grad Program” (Grade 10-12).  ii) 30 Hours of Community Service either paid or volunteer. iii) Completion of the paper document entitled “BC Graduation Transitions Workbook.”  On completion students receive 4 credits and an “RM” (Requirement Met) is reported to the Ministry of Education.  Students who do not complete their Grad Transitions will not be able to go to the “Prom” and will not meet “Graduation Requirements.”  Any questions please talk to our School Grad Transitions (GT) Coordinator Mrs. Toews or our School Counsellor.

To print additional “Physical Activity” Log Sheets go HERE.
To print additional “30 Hour Volunteer/Work Experience” Log Sheets go HERE.

For more information please read the Program Guide.