ATSS Course Planning

In early February/March of each year Grade 8 students at ATMS and Grade 9-11 students at ATSS will attend Course Planning Assemblies to learn about “selecting courses” for the following year.  Please refer to our ATSS Course Planning Guide for all of our Course Descriptions and Course Pre-Requisites.

Click below for the ATSS Course Planning Guide and ATSS Course List (Grades 10-12).

Click below for thATSS Course Selection Forms for the GRADE you will enter in September:

  • GRADE 9
  • GRADE 10
  • GRADE 11
  • GRADE 12

Click below for the current ATSS Timetables:
Semester 1
Semester 2

Click here for the current Bell/Block Schedule

Course Curriculum
The Ministry of Education sets the education standards for students in grades K to 12 through the provincial curriculum. These standards are called Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs). PLOs outline the expectations for what students should know and be able to do at each grade and within each subject area. Go here to view the new changes to BC’s Curriculum. All K-12.  Information on the New Graduation Requirements go here.  Courses are found in the BC Ministry of Education Course Registry here.