UFV GDS Program

HELLO from the Global Development Studies Program (GDS) at the University of the Fraser Valley!!  GDS is growing and thriving and we’d love to see your students take advantage of the dynamic, creative program we have to offer. We’ve attached a brief program description and poster for you and your students. Please forward to your social studies and social justice teachers for distribution to students.

Help build a better world

Want to spend your life working to reduce poverty, promote education, improve health, build better communities, and support sustainable development in Canada or abroad? 

Start with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies or a minor, or extended minor in Global Development Studies (GDS) at UFV to learn hands-on skills that you can use to launch a career in aid, relief, or development anywhere in the world.

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Start with:

GDS 100 (3 credits) A World of Development

Prerequisite(s): None.

An introduction to the processes and practices of development in global and local contexts. Examples from around the world are used to illustrate both “natural” and planned development activities and their consequences. Students will learn to critically assess and apply various development approaches and methods.

In Fall 2020, this course is offered online with scheduled meeting times on Mondays from 1130-1420.

Move on to more advanced courses, including:

BUS 204 Management of Non-Profit Organizations

GDS 210 Local Development Practicum

GDS 220 Anthropology of Globalization and Development

GDS 250 Sociology of Development – The Global South

POSC 260 International Relations and Global Politics

GDS  299  Humanitarian Emergencies and Aid  

GDS 340 Geographies of Poverty and Development

CMNS 360 Advocacy Writing

GDS 363 Processes of Development and Underdevelopment: Latin America

ECON 398 Development Economics

CMNS 465 Grant and Proposal Writing

All BA-GDS students complete a local or international internship:

GDS 310 Canada Internship

GDS 311 International Internship

Our students have worked in various parts of Africa, Latin America, and Asia or with NGOs in the Lower Mainland.

Kind regards,

Stephen Piper, Associate Professor

Social, Cultural and Media Studies

Chair, Global Development Studies

University of the Fraser Valley

33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8

Email: stephen.piper@ufv.ca