Transition to University Help

Hi Mr. Colin, 

I’m writing to you from Wize – we’re a local BC online learning platform that specializes in helping Canadian high school students adjust to University.

Our team of educators has spent a lot of time thinking about this year’s high school graduating class and the unique challenges they will face with the transition to university – both socially and academically. 

In order to try and help, we’ve been working on 2 initiatives: they are both free and we want nothing in return, other than you share them with Abbotsford Traditional Senior Secondary Grade 12s if you think they will find them valuable: 

1. Social Support: Researching Online Study Groups for Students to Join

– We’ve researched and found various online study groups meant for incoming first year university students that are specific to the university they will be attending. These groups are a free means for students to get questions answered from upper-year student mentors and meet new friends:

– We ran out of room on the page layout to display every school and all of their groups, so if a student is planning on attending a university they do not see at the above link, they can simply click the link and fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we can point them in the right direction!

2. Academic Support: Online Tutoring & Study Courses

– Almost every member of our team of tutors (University, Master’s, and PhD students) has agreed to do a free first “consultation” session with any student to help them through COVID-19. Your students can search the subject they need help with and click to book a free consultation with a tutor here:

– We’ve developed fully online courses for Gr. 12 Calculus and Chemistry. They follow the Ontario curriculum, but were designed to help any Canadian student prepare for the university-level of both these subjects. They will remain free to use all summer:

Of course, please let me know if you have any questions.
Take care and wishing you all the best, Peter Carwana | Student Success
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