Free BC University Reviews Magazine

Welcome to the current edition of the British Columbia University Review. Published annually, the Review is dedicated to providing a thorough overview of programs and services offered by all public post-secondary institutions throughout British Columbia – from academic and degrees to housing options and student services.

Upon publication, the Review is sent directly to all public post-secondary institutions and to guidance counselors at all 393 high schools in British Columbia. Roughly 293,000 high school students – including over 64,000 graduating students – and their parents had access to the Review to help plan their post-secondary education.

Get access to these graduating students and their families now by advertising with the British Columbia University Review. Each university, college and institute is reviewed on various criteria, making it easy to display your products or services in the most appropriate place.

Criteria includes:

  • General campus information, including location(s)
  • Academic programs and courses
  • On-campus and off-campus housing
  • Athletics and recreation
  • First Nation and Aboriginal resources
  • Student services
  • Student organizations
  • Library reviews
  • Food and dining services
  • Counseling services
  • Disabled student services and more.