Creating your BCEID Account & PSI Selections for Grads Attending a PSI in September 2020

If you are in Grade 12 and attending a PSI in September 2020 you will need to complete your PSI selections with the Ministry of Education.  This process enables the Ministry to send your interim and final transcripts directly to your PSI’s of choice. (Please wait for Mr. Abernethy to walk you through this in Homeroom.)

To open a BCeID account:

  1. To start you will to create a BCeID account here.  
  2. To activate your account the instructions are here.
  3. For a powerpoint presentation on how to do this go here.
  4. Once you get into your account it is very straightforward on selecting your PSI selection, take a look at the “Screenshots” below or see me directly.
  5. If for any reason you are unable to activate your registration in the 24 hours the link can be resent by contacting for assistance.

The Steps to complete your PSI selections are below along with screenshots:

  1. When in your Dashboard click on “Send/Order Your Transcript” –  Screenshot #1 
  2. Check the “I consent” box then click on “Send Transcript” – Screenshot #2
  3. Select you PSI’s one at a time and for each time click on “Move to List” – Screenshot #3
  4. When your PSI’s are selected in the far right box click on “Go to Next Step” – Screenshot #4
  5. For each PSI select second button for each (send interim and final marks ) then click on “Go to Next Step” – Screenshot #5
  6. Check the box “I have reviewed my order …” and click on “Add Order to Cart” – Screenshot #6
  7. Review your “Shopping Cart” and click on “Submit Order” – Screenshot #7

You have completed you MISSION!